Saturday, November 3, 2012


We'll start off with this treat. The boy being scary. Or "freaky" as we call it. Just to get you in the spooky mood. 

Of course when I started filming him he only did it for about ten more seconds but at least I caught some of it. And this must have been on a potty training day... I now notice the lack of pants. Oh well. Aannnyways, he often just randomly busts out that crazy growl and hunched over walk and then says "fweaky Morgan". I love his craziness.

This year for our Halloween costumes I really wanted to have a family theme going on. I finally decided on little red riding hood- big bad wolf for the boy, little red riding hood for the lady. It would work out perfectly for Josh and I too- the transformation for Josh to be a lumberjack would be so very minimal. And I already have granny-esque taste in some ways so that could work out great. But... Josh and I are lame and didn't really have the gumption to do it after getting the kiddos ready.

Our first festivity was going to be a trunk-or-treat at the local grocery store with our good friends. We got the kids dressed up, took some pics- which I was eager to do since it was the first time the kiddies were dressed up together- and were on our way.

Their cuteness in those costumes was killing me!

Lets finish this story though. We got to the grocery store and it was a madhouse!! The line to get to the "trunks" wrapped all the way around the store and didn't seem to be moving very fast. We opted out. Luckily our kids weren't quite old enough to know the difference. 
The boy just had fun running around in his costume. He kept yelling, "hurry, hurry"! When we walked to the line then back to the car.

On actual Halloween night, we took the kiddies trick-or-treating. Here's Morgan getting pumped up, and another look at our cute little red riding hood too.

We actually ended up having Pearly stay in the car with Josh... but Morgan did so great. We only went to about 10 or 12 house, 5 of which had candy. It was just enough to get the experience though. He loved it. Pretty sure he was the cutest kid on the block. 

Can't wait until next year! I think kids in costumes is my favorite.

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