Sunday, November 11, 2012

check-in with the girly.

Our Pearl grew up a little today. I know she does every day... because that's how time works... but she seems older today, ya know? Do any of you other mommas have days like that? Where you're just like holy crap, look at this kid! And you get scared... because you realize in no time they will be all grown up. But at the same time watching the growth and learning is the most fun and rewarding thing about parenting. It's the greatest thing in the world to see those personalities develop. And Pearl is starting to show hers more and more! More smiles and real giggles, more facial expressions. Mmm. She is so stinking cute. I want to kiss those yummy cheeks till I die.

Moms are so weird.

Anyways... she is four months now. I know, right? SO fast.

At her appointment she was just under 13 lbs ( 24th percentile), 24.75 inches long (66th percentile), and her cute noggin is 15.5 inches around (50th percentile). She's kind of a lightweight. But she had a little growth spurt lengthwise. The doc said babies often grow upwards then outwards so hopefully she'll be doing the outwards thing now and put some pounds on.

Are stats boring? I don't even know anymore.

I'm excited to start some rice cereal this week. I'd like to give her some before bed so she can hopefully sleep longer. I havent slept a six hour stint in over four months. That's a long time. Just sayin'. A lady could use some real sleepage now and again. She's good about going back to sleep after she eats, she just still likes to have long feedings in the middle of the night. Maybe she feels more relaxed at night because her brother isn't being his loud, crazy self; I don't know.
Man I love those two together though. I think my favorite moment of the week was a couple days ago when they just were looking at each other and cracking up. Pearl's laugh sounds just like Morgan's, I love it so much.

Oh, and my other favorite moment was when Josh was offered a promotion at work! Oh yeah! That's my man. Our first salary and benefits job so it's kind of a milestone. But mainly we're excited because Josh loves where he works so much. I'm so happy he's getting recognized for his mad skills.

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