Friday, March 23, 2012

This guy...

... is just soooo amazing.

There's nothing like a child to remind you that those small simple moments matter the most.
And I feel like life has been packed with so many  of those heart-warming moments lately, as goobs gets cuter and cuter and is learning new things non-stop.

Josh and I have had SO many times in the past couple weeks where we just look at each other in amazement at what this kid can do now.

He never crawls anymore. He loves to be silly on the floor and do things like put his booty in the air and look through his legs. When he plays with his train by himself, rolling it back and forth, he says (his version of) "vroom vroom" like daddy taught him. His vocab has expanded. Besides mama and dada he can say (his version of): hi, bye-bye, big, duck, ball, apple, I swear he's said "bib" a few times (he likes his dinner bibs and likes to point at them and talk about them), and he likes to shake his head and say "uh-uh". He usually does that last one when he's near something he knows he could get into because that's what Josh and I do... He understands SO much it has seriously rocked our world lately.

There. Is. Nothing. Better.


  1. AWE This made my day to see how well things are going. I am so happy that everything is going well I miss you

  2. Awww, cute!!! I look forward to that :)